16.7. - 22.7.2023


German (beginner - A2)

Age group: 8-11 years

20 places

1 week:  700 €


Once again we selected a place in the heart of Austria, which is attractive to tourists from all around the world in both summer and winter because of its geographical position.

Wagrain specializes in youth-tourism and thus has a gigantic list of sporting and free-time activity options. Especially during the summer months lots of young people gather in the cozy city center as well as around mountains and lakes.

Our hostel -                  Oberwimm

Our facility encloses a big soccer field, Indoor Sports hall and trampoline, a beach-volleyball field and a big garden. The 4-Bed rooms are very modern and functional; there are many lounges for our students and premium wide ranging full board lodging.

Our residence is directly located at a mountain railway station and is 5 minutes walking distance away from a big water-fun park that we have free entrance to.


In the afternoons various excursions are offered. Some are free of charge, some cause costs of entrance fees and transportation. The participation is volenteerly to be decided by the students on the spot. Payment will be charged from their pocket money.

Also if students decide to stay at the hostel, go swimming or for a walk in small groups- they will be always supervised by our teaching staff. 

But - one tradition does not change: one hike per week is compulsary! 

Water world Amadee                              0 €

This water park is located 5 min from us by foot and features various slides and a current channel.

Free entrance for our students 


Mountain top Grafenbergsee                        12 €

We go up Grafenberg with a cable car, take a dip in Lake Gipfelsee,

Gigantic swing and Obstacle course and a hike back.


Kesselfall - Flying fox                                30 €

Adventure extreme - climbing on 3 fixed-rope routes with different difficulties, then 6 rope slides over waterfalls and ravines into the gorge. Adrenalin - but absolutely safe!


Kitzlochklamm                                          12 €

30 min busride to Taxenbach, that is where we begin the hike through the breathtakingly beautiful gorge with plank bridges. We go past roaring waterfalls until we reach one of the most impressive stalactite caves



Hike to Lake Daarmoossee                 0 €

Round trip starting directly from our building, 3 hourswalk, refreshing swim.

400m altitude difference


Toboggaing at Flachau                 15 €

We are hiking from Wagrain to Flachau and treat ourselved with a fast ride over 5 circles and 2 jumps with about 40 km/h. Price includes 2 rides. Back by bus.


Salt mine Hallein and Toboggan:              35 €

1 hour bus ride, interesting mine with mine train ginat slide and raft at the salt lake.

(approximately  70 minutes insinde the mountain at 7 degrees)  Including the open air museum of Keltendorf. Hike to Duerrnberg, after that toboggan (approx 2 km). The price encloses 2 rides!