Summer 2019

General Information


The system developed by Prof.Friedrich Mandl more than 50 years ago is still successfully used:


  • 25 teaching units per week 
  • lessons featuring conversation, grammar, listening comprehension, text composition, pronunciation training
  • Teaching methods feature modern communication techniques as well as games and roll plays
  • Group size of maximum 9 students 
  • Sports and leisure program with an emphasis of using the language in praxis
  • The very international field of participants encourage to use the language all day round.
  • The second focus is to impart knowledge about Austria (geography, culture, history, lifestyle)


The 3 locations offer a wonderful holiday and a wide spread of impressions apart from the language training. The students are being offered whole-day-trips to Vienna and Salzburg as well as visits to local farmers, climbing, hiking, cycling and others. The excursion-program listed below in the sections of the different locations is not compulsary. Students are signing up daily to trips of their choice, tickets and entry fees have to be paid extra. For this purpose pocket money can be deposited with the administration.

Besides these chargeable excursions, daily activities free of charge are organised, some of them compulsary. Every evening community-events as torch-lit hikes, disco, quiz night, visit of local festivals help to develop the group spirit. Our students will have a lot to tell (preferably in German) when returning to school.

A day at the camp

Morning Sports are not compulsory, but the best start in your day.

At breakfast everybody has to show up.

Each of the 3 morning lessons are conducted by a different teacher.

After lunch you have time to chill.

The afternoon program features excursions and sports. Only 2 hikes per camp are compulsory, all the rest is on your choice. Some of the excursions do cost a fee and are to be chosen a day in advance.

At dinner everybody has to show up.

The evening lessoon is a casulal one, featuring singing, games and presentation of individual projects.

At 22:00 everybody has to be in their rooms.


7.7. - 20.7.2019   fully booked!

German, English

Age group: 10 - 16

€ 1 200    (2 weeks)


21.7. - 3.8.2019  first week fully booked

German, Englisch

Age group: 12-18

€    650 (1 week)

 1200 (2 weeks)