Rust is a small, very old and  romantic typical Austrian village surrounded by wine-yards and adjacent the large lake "Neusiedlersee". Our hostel is situated right on the territory of the beach-resort featuring some pools, slides and fun facilities. The students are housed in modern 4-bed-rooms with bathroom inside. 

To get from the lakeside to the village of Rust, a wide belt of reed has to be passed, recommended to be done by bicycle which are for rent everywhere  around. This region of Austria is known for their flat, calm landscapes, mild pannonic climate, growing of fruit and wine and famous storks which nestle on the chimney tops of Rust's houses.

Next to our hostel you can find a miniature golf facility, a giant trampolin and the pier offering various boat trips. Austria's capital Vienna is only a 1,5h ride away, sightseeing and shopping trips are offered.


Excursions and trips offered:

  • Fun-park St.Margareten  28€
  • Boat trip on the Neusiedlersee  15€
  • Visit to a winery   free
  • Trip with a hand-car  13€
  • Near cities Neusiedl and Eisenstadt  10€
  • Cycling tours along the lake  12€
  • Mini-Golf   5€
  • 1 day trip to Vienna  50€